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How and Where to Buy Good Fitted Scrubs Pants?

How and Where to Buy Good Fitted Scrubs Pants?

You've been wearing scrubs to work every day — and suffering with the baggy, droopy, ill-fitting appearance. You're sick of your scrub pants getting in the way of getting things done.

You have to find good fitted scrubs pants. But, with so many scrub designs available out there, you have no clue how scrubs should fit or what to look for.

Let go of your concerns. Airmed got you covered—nurses and medical scrubs are our forte, after all.

Wearing fitted scrubs pants to work will bring a lot of great benefits that you may not know. Scroll down to see what the benefits are, as well as learn more great tips and useful information to help you own the best-fitted scrubs from one of Australia's best medical apparel.

How to find good nursing pants

Scrubs: Fitted or loose?

Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals often wear scrubs for 8–12 hours every shift, and occasionally longer. These medical scrubs must withstand severe wear and tear, but they must also be comfortable and inconspicuous so that they do not hamper a healthcare professional's day-to-day activities.

Scrubs are often constructed of flexible, elastic, and breathable material, similar to a lot of conventional sports gear, and they're tailored to allow healthcare personnel to move freely without placing considerable strain on the fabric.

However, while selecting your own medical scrubs, it is all too easy to make mistakes.

Sizes can be very important, and it's necessary to have a good pair of scrubs. Loose scrubs are difficult to move quickly in, and if you choose loose-fitted scrub pants, you could struggle to keep them on in stressful circumstances.

Choosing the scrub size you need is to choose a scrub that is fit. The cut of these scrubs often varies slightly from truly form-fitting to a unisexual fit.

The Benefits of Wearing Well-Fitting Scrubs Pants!

Many people think that loose-fitting clothes are comfortable and convenient, but in reality, wearing well-fitting scrubs pants has more benefits than you know.

The benefits of wearing well-fitting scrubs pants

  • Looking professional: When you wear scrubs that fit well, you'll look leaner and more confident. You don't come across situations where your clothes can get in the way of you when you're examining or caring for a patient.
  • Comfortable while working: Medical uniform that is too tight or too wide will make you uncomfortable. If the scrubs are too tight, you'll feel hot and stuffy when you're active, and you may experience embarrassing situations like the scrubs come loose or torn. Besides, if the scrubs are too wide, you will not be able to get comfortable because the scrub tops and scrubs pants keep slipping down. So fitted scrubs pants are the best option.
  • Easy to match: When you have well-fitting scrubs pants and well-fitting scrubs, it's easy to mix and match your work outfits because they're all exactly your size. 

How Should Scrub Pants Fit?

Have you ever worked someplace where you were given a couple pairs of scrub pants? Did you like how they fit?

They were most likely less than acceptable.

Many individuals who are compelled to wear medical scrubs, particularly those who are new to their industry, have no notion of how scrubs should fit.

Those free scrubs seem nice — until you start wearing them all the time.

You immediately learn that ill-fitting, cheaply constructed work uniforms aren't appropriate for working in.

But then you question, "How are scrubs meant to fit?"

The majority of the time, fit is determined by personal desire, but there are a few standards that we follow at Airmed Scrubs.

Let's look at a few of them.

Australia's best medical apparel


Everyone has told you how great it would be to wear pajamas to work.

If only it were true.

Finding the proper fit of scrubs might be difficult, but one aspect of the quest is simple: understanding that comfort is essential.

You don't want them to be so loose that they come in your way of performing your work, but you also don't want them to be so tight that they restrict you from doing your job.

So, are scrubs intended to be snug? Or are they intended to be a little loose?

What is the greatest advice for getting a nice fit in scrubs? Learn your dimensions, look at various fabric kinds, and look for scrubs that allow you to move freely.

Find comfort in your medical uniforms

Room for Layers

In a perfect world, you'd locate a pair of scrubs that allow for layering.

Why? Because most medical facilities are constantly chilly.

However, finding a perfect pair of joggers that enable you to be comfortable, perform your work effectively, and provide space for layering is more difficult than it seems. Silver Lining Scrubs has designed comfortable, high-quality scrubs that will keep you warm without the need of layers.

Silver Lining Scrubs provides high-quality scrubs customized to your body type.

They'll keep you comfy and toasty throughout your workweek, even those dreadful 18-hour hours.

Good fitted medical scrubs

Tips on How to Choose The Scrubs Pants Right Size & Fit!

1. Measure Your Exact Body Measurements

To be able to choose scrubs pants in the right size, you should measure yourself first. When you measure yourself, you should not tighten or loosen the ruler, as this will make the measurement inaccurate.

Specifically, when you want to buy fitted scrubs pants, you should measure your waist, and hips and determine the length of the pants by measuring from the navel to the ankle.

Take all of your measurements while wearing your underwear. When measuring around your body, use a flexible tape measure and hold it in a relaxed straight line.


Measure the distance between the shoulder blades and the widest area of the bust/chest using a measuring tape placed beneath the arms. Don't grip the tape too tightly.


Place the measuring tape loosely around the natural waistline.

fit and comfort is not a luxury for medical worker uniforms


Standing with your feet a few inches apart, measure around the broadest area of your hips while wearing your underwear.


Measure down the inside of the leg, from just below the crotch to 1" below the ankle, or until the trousers are the desired length.

2. Compare It with The Size Chart of The Scrub Shop

Besides measuring your body measurements, when buying fitted scrubs pants, you should also pay attention to carefully reading the size guide provided by the scrub shop and comparing your measurements with the size guide to the find the scrub pants size that works best for you.

Compare with the size chart of the scrub shop

Besides, you should also determine in what units the measurements in the size guide are and what size the model in the image provided by the scrub shop is wearing to be able to buy fitted scrubs pants for you. Also, if your measurements don't match the measurements in the sample size chart, don't worry too much, just follow this tip:

  • If your hip and waist measurements correlate to two distinct suggested sizes, order the one that corresponds to your hip measurement.
  • If one of your measures seems to be on the borderline between two different sizes, go with the bigger size for a more roomy fit or the smaller size for a more snug fit.

Last but not least, the size guide table will also vary for different scrubs pants models, so it's a good idea to double-check your measurements if you're buying different scrub pants to find the best-fitted scrubs pants.

Airmed's Amazing Scrubs are What you're Looking For

To get great scrubs, the first thing you need to do is choose the best scrubs brand or scrubs store. Airmed Scrubs is a brand that specializes in providing scrubs that are loved by many nurses, doctors, and beauticians.

Fit and Comfort

From the first time wearing Airmed's scrubs pants and scrub tops, nurses loved the comfort they felt. The secret to the comfort of Airmed's scrubs is the premium fabric. With 5% Spandex, 77% Polyester, and 18% Rayon, fitted scrubs pants have excellent four-way stretch and are very soft.

Comfort and Fit

Along with that, the scrub pants fit your body well, allowing you to work easily and quickly when going to work every day, without worrying about the nurse uniform hindering you in emergencies.

High Durability

The fabric of Airmed scrubs is also appreciated because it is very durable. Along with that, modern SIL-FIBRE™ technology with an automatic mechanism to destroy harmful bacteria, and damage scrubs also contributes to keeping your scrubs new and beautiful.

High durability

Our production team always carefully checks the design and selection of scrubs packaging materials, so each seam of the scrubs is very strong, ensuring the scrubs will have a long life.

Various Designs & Modern Colors

With the desire to bring satisfaction to all customers, we at Airmed have created various designs of scrubs tops and scrubs pants such as the Essential V-Neck Scrub top, Apollo Oversize Scrub Top, and Essential Crewneck Scrub Top, Essential Jogger Scrub Pants, and Essential Multi-Pocket Scrub Pants.

Various Designs & Modern Colors

The variety that Airmed brings to customers is not only in design but also in color. Airmed offers scrubs in modern colors instead of wearing scrubs with outdated colors. If you love bright colors, you can choose scrubs in colors like clay, mauve wood, syrah red, and evergreen. And if you feel confident when wearing scrubs in dark colors, then black, midnight navy, and royal navy are great choices for you.

The Comprehensive Support Service

Airmed not only provide good products, but also makes beauticians and nurses happy with its comprehensive and clear support service. You can easily pay for your favorite scrubs right on the Airmed website in just a few easy steps. Along with that, our delivery service is also extremely fast and convenient for you. If you order our scrubs as a team, you also get access to our exceptional customer service.


Hopefully, with the above information, you will be able to choose and own the best fitted scrubs pants.

Airmed's website has many products with impressive colors and beautiful designs waiting for you to come and explore.

We also have multiple options for scrubs: Sydney Stores; Perth StoresQueensland Stores, Melbourne Stores, Newcastle Stores; Cairns Stores; Brisbane Stores; NSW Stores offer, ranging from online to brick and mortar shops, for you to choose from.

Or if you want to know more information about scrubs, like how to look great, professional in scrubs, please check out our other articles.


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