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Most Common Color & Pattern for Scrubs Top

Most Common Color & Pattern for Scrubs Top!

Many people think that scrubs are just plain blue or white work uniforms for healthcare workers. They even claim that all medical facilities wear the same style of scrubs that do not renew throughout the year.

However, the reality will surprise you when scrubs come in a wide variety of colors, scrub patterns, and designs. Each set of scrubs has its own unique features and brings a lot of benefits to people working in the field of health and beauty services.

If you want to know the most common colors and pattern for scrubs top then explore the information and interesting photos in the following article.

the most common colors and pattern for scrubs top


Are Pattern for Scrubs Top Appropriate in a Work Environment?

According to many experts in psychology, colors and patterns have a huge impact on human perception and emotions, so most of every field should pay attention to the combination of these factors. In particular, in a medical care industry, where nurses and doctors need to understand to be able to examine patients most effectively, the pattern for scrubs top need to be suitable for the working environment.

As we can see in reality, nurses working in different departments often wear scrubs with different scrub patterns and colors. In addition to distinguishing between different departments, it also has an impact on the psychological and mental health of the patients.

For example, doctors often wear medical uniforms with bright colors such as mauvewood, audrey teal, and clay and attach lots of fun motifs like adorable animals. As a result, children when going to the hospital for medical examination or treatment can feel happy, closer to the nurses, or see them as close friends, supporting the nurses to understand and take good care of them more for these little patients.

On special occasions of the year, scrubs of the medical team also have new changes

On special occasions of the year, the scrubs of the medical team also have new changes. For example, at Christmas, images of reindeer, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus will be printed or embroidered on the scrubs. From there, the atmosphere of the warm and joyful Christmas season will pervade and help both patients and medical staff reduce stress and anxiety.

Most Common Color & Pattern for Modern Scrubs!

You can find scrubs in a variety of colors and patterns. However, to choose the right scrubs, you can refer to the following list of colors and scrub sewing patterns that are the most commonly used for scrub tops and scrub pants.

1. The most Common Colors and Patterns for Scrubs

Referring to popular colors and pattern for scrubs top, black is one of the choices of many nurses because it gives a professional look and it's easy to coordinate with colors other.

Besides, Evergreen, Royal Blue, Gibraltar Blue, and Audrey Teal will be great choices for you if you are a nurse working in an Emergency room or participating in surgeries. This is because such colors will help keep your eyes from producing color illusions, your mind will be calmer, and stains will be easier to spot.

The most common colors and patterns for scrubs

Bright, warm colors such as Clay, Mauvewood, Purple, and Syrah Red are also loved by many nurses because they bring a sense of joy and radiance to the working environment of hospitals and clinics. Along with popular colors are interesting scrub top patterns and images.

Stylized patterns of flowers or birds are popular among nurses working in aged care centers. Nurses who specialize in child care often choose images of familiar animals such as dogs, cats, bears, and pigs or funny images related to nurses and doctors such as coffee mugs, mini superheroes, teeth, stethoscopes, and band-aids.

2. Incredible Accessories Idea Go to with Scrubs

To make your scrubs unique and convenient, you can add some accessories like a universal tag reel, scrub cap, nurse headband, nurse footwear, and face mask.

Incredible accessories idea go to with scrubs

Airmed Scrubs - The Best Choice to Buy Modern Scrubs!

Airmed Scrubs is the best scrubs shop where you can choose to buy modern scrubs with impressive colors, high-quality materials with many attractive offers.

Airmed Scrubs - The best choice to buy modern scrubs

1. Essential Fabric

Airmed's production line for high-quality scrubs is strictly controlled right from the fabric research and production step. The fabric used by Airmed Scrubs always ensures the main ingredients including 77% Polyester, 18% Rayon, and 5% Spandex to bring the best quality.

This fabric will help your scrubs have a very good 4-way stretch, limiting the phenomenon of stretching, wrinkling, or fading. As a result, your scrubs are not only durable and always look new, but they also help you enjoy a feeling of comfort and coolness all day long.

2. Various Styles

The modern beauty of Airmed's scrubs is also made up of diverse designs. Your work wardrobe is no longer boring when every day you can choose a different type of scrubs such as V Neck Scrub Top, Crewneck Scrub Top, Multi-Pocket Scrub Pants, and Jogger Scrub Pants.

Various Styles

3. Eye-Catching Colors

The diverse, fresh, and creative colors from our scrubs collection will help nurses achieve the most modern and attractive look. You can choose any color you want when you come to Airmed and confidently wear it to work every day.

you can refresh your workwear every day by mixing colors such as a scrub top

Besides, you can refresh your workwear every day by mixing colors such as a scrub top in royal blue with black jogger scrub pants or black underscrub with syrah red scrub top.

4. Custom Embroidery

There is a pleasant surprise waiting for you! Airmed Scrubs offers unique logo embroidery service for all scrubs. Scrubs Top Australia has designed lovely embroidery from among the logos we have designed or you can embroider your own name or pattern for Scrubs Top Australia.

Custom Embroidery

Now you know which are the most common colors and pattern for scrubs top and scrub pants. Visit Airmed's website to see more beautiful scrubs and order your own high-end scrubs and useful accessories.


Now you know which are the most common colors and pattern for scrubs top and scrub pants. Visit Airmed's website to see more beautiful scrubs and order your own high-end scrubs and useful accessories.

If you have any questions about Embroidery scrubsAsk us in the Q&A section!

We hope this article has helped our medical professionals in anyway.

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Or if you want to know more information about scrubs, like how to look great, professional in scrubs, please check out our other articles.


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