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Scrubs for medical students: Are they important?

scrubs for medical students

Many people think that medical scrubs are only important for nurses, doctors, dentists, and beauticians who are working in hospitals and clinics, while medical students do not need to wear scrubs. However, it is very important for medical students to wear suitable scrubs.

Let's find out how important scrubs are to medical students' learning and practice and what colour scrubs are best for them.

How important are scrubs for medical students

Most medical students in countries around the world study for a very long time, averaging 6 to 8 years. During those school years, medical students not only learn specialised knowledge but also have to practise and actually participate in the medical examination and treatment process in hospitals, clinics, and health care centres. That's why they should find themselves the best suitable scrubs to wear during school and after becoming a full-fledged doctor.

1. Comfortable during learning and practice progress

Scrubs can bring more comfort and coolness during the study and practice process to medical students than ordinary clothes, which we can easily realize. The reason is that scrubs are often made from special materials that are synthesised from many fabrics such as polyester, spandex, and rayon, thereby giving a soft feeling, absorbing sweat very well, and giving a feeling of dryness all day long.

Comfortable during learning and practice progress

2. Quick to clean

Sewing from special synthetic fabrics, medical students can completely clean stains as well as use antibacterial cleaners for scrubs easily. Besides, although it is often necessary to wash and bleach to ensure hygiene in a medical environment, medical scrubs are completely assured of durability if they use high-quality scrubs such as Airmed's scrubs.

3. Kind of uniform to identify easily

When medical students wear scrubs, it will create a form of clothing like a uniform, so people can easily recognize them, or students studying the same medical profession can also recognize each other more easily.

4. Highly protection

You may not know that the hospital environment is the leading place for cross-infection because there are many bacteria that arise in the air, and the large number of people entering and leaving the hospital each day will be able to rapidly spread the virus. Therefore, when future doctors and nurses wear scrubs, they not only help protect themselves from pathogens but also protect patients in the hospital.

Which colour is the best choice for scrubs for medical students

When retailers buy scrubs for medical students, not only the material and the price are important; but also the colour. So, which colour is the best choice for scrubs for medical students?

1. No best

When you are a medical student, you will realise that there are no rules about the colour of scrubs for students in medical school. Therefore, it can be said that no colour is the best choice for scrubs for medical students.

2. Personal choice

If there is no specific colour rule, the first factor determining the suitability of scrubs will be the personal preferences of the students. Most countries that teach health-related disciplines around the world will allow students to choose the colour and design of scrubs freely, enabling students to find the right scrubs that suit them most.

3. Depending on the major or school's regulations

Besides preferences, you can consider your major or school regulations. At a stage when students have a clear specialization, they may need to choose the colour of scrubs according to their major. Here are some colour recommendations by the industry for retailers:

  • Green is a colour often used by doctors and nurses in hospitals, clinics, etc.
  • When you wear pink, you can show love, care, friendship, and closeness. So, pink is the most popular colour for gynaecologists, especially those who work with women and children a lot.
  • Red is quite an unusual colour for scrubs since it is the colour of danger and caution. But if you want to be different and show your individuality by wearing red scrubs to work, there are still many shades of red, like burgundy, that are not only appropriate but also make the hospital feel more lively. Red is also a good choice for phlebotomists.
  • Blue makes you feel professional and put-together, while also making you feel calm and peaceful to look at. So this is the colour that doctors and nurses like best. What doctors wear is usually a darker shade of blue, while what nurses wear is a lighter, softer shade of sky blue.
Depending on the major or school's regulations

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