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What Do The Different Color Scrubs Mean in a Hospital?

What do the different color scrubs mean in a hospital? - Airmedscrubs

When it comes to nmedial and nurse scrubs uniforms, there are many factors that must be considered such as price, size, durability, fabric, you name it. But you should know that color is a matter of consideration that cannot be ignored.

Many studies show that colors can affect on human's mind. Furthermore, in the medical and healthcare fields, there are many color codes and standards. So this article will help you answer the question what do the different color scrubs mean in a hospital. Read on and take notes.

What Does the Color of Scrubs Mean Depending on Different Occupations

In different hospitals, nurses and doctors will have different choices of scrub colors based on hospital rules and personal preferences. But whether it's a hospital's restriction or doctors’ and nurses’ wishes to wear, what do the different color scrubs mean in a hospital always tied to a certain meaning.


Green is a color often used by doctors and nurses in hospitals, clinics, etc, today. This is because blue can neutralize the red color of blood. If there is blood on a blue scrub, it will be less prominent.

Besides, when doing surgery, what color scrubs do surgeons wear, or neurosurgeons as well, is often green because the green contrasts with the red color of the blood. It will make the eyes of doctors feel more comfortable when they have to look at red for a long time.

Green is also a favourite because of its healing and refreshing meaning.


Blue scrubs are also popular because of their ability to neutralize blood, similar to green scrubs. If blood stains get on blue scrubs, they will turn dark and look almost black, which is not prominent to the eyes. Darker hues are often what color scrubs do medical assistants wear.

Besides, blue gives a professional and formal feel, and at the same time calming and peaceful to look at. So this is the favourite color of doctors and nurses. Generally, what color scrubs do doctors wear will be darker blue while what color scrubs do nurses wear will be a lighter and softer sky blue. This is also usually what color scrubs do phlebotomist wear. It is also what color scrubs do interns wear in a lighter shade and what color scrubs do dentists wear and anesthesiologists.


Black is a formal color. Black scrubs will make you more professional when working. Besides, the black color is not easy to stain, so you can feel more secure while working. Black is an elegant choice for what color scrubs do medical students wear, or what color scrubs do dietitians wear often times.


White is a traditional scrub color in the medical industry. Because when in the hospital, a neat and clean appearance will give a good impression and increase professionalism when working. However white gradually fell out of favor because of cleaning stains problems. What color scrubs do CNA wear would usually be white or royal blue.


Also a neutral color, but gray is a combination of the elegance of black and the brightness and neatness of white. After all, gray can be an elegant yet casual choice in scrubs color for healthcare workers. You can find what color scrubs do radiologists wear in this shade normally.


If you want a casual look with neutral tones but still feel warm and friendly, brown scrubs are made for you.


Pink has become the trending color of scrubs recently. Wearing pink is a good way to express love, care, friendliness and closeness. So pink is the answer to “what color scrubs do OBGYN wear?”. It’s the perfect color for OB GYN, who often have to work directly with women and children. For that reason, what color scrubs do pediatric nurses wear is also a popular vote.


Purple, especially lilac, typically evokes feelings of peace and love. Not only that, purple helps the wearer become stylish and attractive so that doctors and nurses can be more confident at work.

Wearing purple also encourages the opposite person to become more open to and believe in you. It's often the reply for "what color scrubs do obgyn wear".


Red is quite an unusual color choice for scrubs because it is the color of warning and danger. But if you like to show your difference and individuality by wearing red scrubs in the hospital, there are still many tones of red that not only brighten up the liveliness in the hospital but are also appropriate and elegant, such as burgundy. It's also what color scrubs do pharmacists wear, as well as hospital administration and laboratory.

Airmed Scrubs - Scrubs Shop that Gives you All the Scrubs Colors of the Rainbow!

Airmed is a scrubs supplier specialising in making and distributing high quality, stylishly designed scrubs at reasonable prices to healthcare workers and retailers. From what we suggest about what do the different color scrubs mean in a hospital, Airmed is the greatest destination when you are looking for a scrub shop that has a trendy and beautiful palette for scrubs.

Different colors

Besides the rules and conventions of color of each hospital, each person has different mix and match choices and preferences for medical scrubs. Airmed respects that difference. Airmed Scrubs come in various colors and there are so many beautiful tones and amazing shades.

Different colors

Dark shade scrubs colors are always preferred by doctors and nurses because of their professionalism and convenience when working. Thus Black, True Navy, Midnight Navy and Asphalt are designed to please Airmed's beloved customers.

If you like the popular choice of green and blue, you'll be convinced by the freshness of Fern Green, the optimism of Evergreen, the vibrantness of Royal Blue or the reliability of Audrey Teal.

Midnight Navy Scrubs

If cool tones bring peace and formality, warm and bright colors have become trendy in recent years. Brighten your day at work with the cheery vibe of Mauvewood, the enthusiasm of Syrah Red, the nobility of Pastel Lilac and the clean-cut of Warm Sand.

Various sizes

Airmed understands the importance of wearing well-fitting and stretchy scrubs at work. So with a variety of sizes from XXS to 3X, wearers will always find the right scrub size for their body.


The styles and colors of Airmed scrubs are designed to match the daily routines of nurses and doctors. The high applicability of scrubs colors allows nurses and doctors to unleash their creative mix and match while still looking polite and appropriate at work.


Airmed allows you to have your own unique and signature scrubs. After choosing the right color, you can add incredible embroidery logos on scrubs. This helps the imprint of your brand, clinic, hospital, or name be attached to the scrubs to make the work more recognizable or simply to bring joy to healthcare workers through wearing the designs. Unique and creative.

Unique and creative

Worldwide shipping

Retailers from all over the world are always welcome at Airmed. Through its worldwide shipping policy, Airmed makes shopping for scrubs in bulk easier than ever. You can be assured of fast delivery and careful packaging to get your product in time and complete with minimal shipping fees.

Return policy & Team Order's benefits

Clear and beneficial return policy is also a plus point not to be missed when buying scrubs at Airmed.

When buying in bulk, retailers are offered awesome discounts as follows:

  • 15-50 garments 15% off RRP
  • 51-120 garments 18% off RRP
  • 121+ garments 25% off RRP

In addition, Airmed also offers discounted embroidery and logo for 20+ items to be embroidered.

What do the different color scrubs mean in a hospital is an important question that needs to be answered before making the decision to buy scrubs for retailers and other customers working in the medical field. 

We hope this article helped you solve the confusion around choosing the right scrub colors and helped you answer "what color scrubs should I wear" when it comes to high-quality and best price in Australia for medial scrubs and wholesale scrubs Airmed Scrubs with all the personality you can ask for in a work attire that would make your day just by wearing them.

Don’t forget to check out our blog for more useful tips about scrubs!

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