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Where to Buy Scrubs in Melbourne?

Where to Buy Comfortable and Fashionable Scrubs in Melbourne?

Melbourne is located around Port Phillip Bay, southern Australia. It is the capital of the state of Victoria and also the largest city in the state. This large city is home to about 1 million people, so the number of doctors in medical facilities to meet the needs of medical examinations and treatment in this city is also very large.

Melbourne's climate is temperate maritime. Summer here will be very warm and winter here will be cool. January is the hottest month in Melbourne, with a maximum temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, and July will be the coldest month with temperatures down to about 13.5 degrees Celsius. In such weather, the nurses require the most comfortable workwear.Where to buy scrubs in MelbourneHowever, comfort is no longer enough for you because the same-old scrubs make you feel bored. Medical scrubs shops in Melbourne do not give you what you want? Read this article.

Scrubs Shop in Melbourne - Where to Buy Scrubs in Melbourne

When you search for professional and beautiful scrubs in Melbourne, the first thing you usually do is research where to buy scrubs in Melbourne. You do not need to waste time doing that. Here is what you want!

1. House of Uniforms

This is one of the addresses you can refer to when you want to find where to buy scrubs in Melbourne. Besides cheap scrubs Melbourne, they also provide a variety of uniforms for other professions. House of Uniforms focuses heavily on branding, creating unique designs for medical scrubs Melbourne. This is evident from the moment you visit their website.

2. Dura-Wear Industries

With a long history spanning about 45 years, Dura-Wear Industries specializes in the design, manufacture, import, wholesale, and retail of all kinds of apparel. Dura-Wear is considered one of the places where to buy scrubs in Melbourne as they have stock of many brands of medical wear such as Biz Collection, JB's Wear, and City Health.

3. Aaron and Smith Clothing Solution

One of the answers to the question of where to buy scrubs in Melbourne could be Aaron And Smith Clothing Solution. This is a medical fashion brand that specializes in selling nursing scrubs Melbourne for both men and women. Besides producing professional medical uniforms, they also sell bras and panties for women. The product quality of this shop is quite good, so you can refer to it.

Airmed Scrubs - Best Option of Scrubs Shop in Melbourne

Did you hear about Airmed Scrubs, a scrub paradise in Melbourne? It is the shop where nurses and beauticians go to get their dream scrubs.

Airmed Scrubs - Best Option of Scrubs Shop in Melbourne

For Airmed Scrubs, the confidence and comfort of our customers is the motivation for us to constantly bring out breakthrough improvements to our products. Each product of Airmed Scrubs is carefully researched in terms of materials, updated regularly, and carefully tailored before being delivered to customers.

Besides, understanding the busyness of nurses and beauticians, we also focused on building an online website and an extremely detailed description of scrubs so that you can easily choose and order online instead of taking time to go to the shop.

Reasons to Love Airmed Scrubs

At Airmed Scrubs, everyday heroes not only feel the positive values of confidence, joy, and respect that are embedded in each scrub but also actually wear the best quality scrubs. Believe us, you will fall in love with Airmed Scrubs at first sight. 

1. High-Quality & Safe Materials

Referring to Airmed Scrubs scrubs, people will think about high-quality and healthy materials. The composition of the fabric we chose is more than 75% polyester along with almost 20% Rayon and 5% Spandex. These ingredients are all commonly used in garments, so they are completely safe for the health of nurses and their patients.High-quality and safe materials

Such a compositional structure has created the unique feature of Airmed Scrubs' scrubs:

  • Four-way stretch
  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Softness

2. Timeless Durability and Beauty

Scrubs are the main clothes that nurses and beauticians wear to work every day, so one of the top requirements is high durability. To be able to ensure that, Airmed Scrubs has researched and applied SIL-FIBRE™ antimicrobial technology to the production of scrubs.

Timeless durability and beauty

This method lowers odors while also inhibiting the growth of germs and other microbes that may harm fabrics. After that, the scrubs will remain beautiful for a long time, with no signs of wear and tear.

3. Convenient and Trendy Design

With the motto of bringing confidence and beauty to nurses and beauticians all day long, we at Airmed Scrubs are always striving to create elegant scrubs with ribbed ankle cuffs combined with a v-neck or crewneck.

Convenient and trendy design

You may also pick your favorite color from a selection of scrubs, including Royal Blue, Syrah Red, Asphalt, Midnight Navy, Audrey Teal, and Syrah Red. In addition, we have included 5 practical pockets on the pants and four functional pockets on the tops for the nurses to keep medical tools, pencils, and glasses, making their work easier and faster, especially in emergency situations.

4. Unique Logo

One of the creations of Airmed Scrubs is a custom embroidered logo for group or bulk orders. As a result, you will notice a difference between your hospital and medical center compared to other places. Medical staff and doctors will become connected like a family and form a special identity.

Unique logo

The logos designed by Airmed Scrubs are very diverse; moreover, all very lovely. Many nurses have feedback to us that the embroidered logos on the scrubs also help them look more approachable and friendly in the eyes of the patients. This is one of the services that Airmed Scrubs wants to provide to customers so that they can save money and still get the best scrubs.


After reading the article, you must have made a suitable choice for your shopping scrubs plan in Melbourne. Come quickly to Airmed Scrubs to be able to own professional and stylish scrubs without making you feel uncomfortable while working.

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Visit our website to see more scrubs designs with many colors for you to preview and choose from.

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