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Wholesales Scrubs Jackets - Where to Buy and How to Buy?

Wholesales Scrubs Jackets - Where to Buy and How to Buy?

People often assume that the work clothes of nurses, doctors, and other health care workers, and beauty services only need to include scrub jackets and scrub pants. However, in reality, their workwear also needs scrubs jackets because they will help nurses and beauticians look professional and better protected.

With the demand for scrubs jackets by medical staff increasing at most hospitals and clinics, retailers should quickly buy wholesale scrubs jackets to meet the needs of customers in a timely manner.

But first, read the following article as this will be the secret so that you can buy wholesale scrubs jackets with good quality and still save money and time.

Well-fitting Scrubs Jackets - Indispensable Items

Nurses and beauticians: To explain why many nurses and beauticians now need well-fitting scrub jackets, let's explore the great benefits of well-fitting scrub jackets. 

1. Comfortable All-day

When nurses wear well-fitting scrubs jackets of good quality, they will definitely contact retailers to buy more similar scrubs jackets because they feel extremely comfortable.

Airmed's scrubs jackets - the best fit for you

Unlike regular jackets, well-fitting scrub jackets are made from a fabric used in the production of medical clothing, so they are very soft and have good stretch. Therefore, the medical staff will be able to easily operate without feeling uncomfortable.

2. Convenient to Work

Not only are they made from high-quality fabrics, but well-fitting scrubs jackets are also designed to fit the nurses' bodies. As a result, the scrub sets of nurses will look neater and more convenient for patient care than baggy uniforms.

3. Protect Your Health

When wearing well-fitting scrub jackets, beauticians and nurses will avoid many harmful agents to health from the outside world. Specifically, the ultraviolet rays from the sun will not directly contact their skin, causing skin diseases. In addition, scrub jackets will also protect against bacteria and viruses that are often spread in environments prone to cross-contamination in hospitals.

4. Confident and Fashionable

Confident and Fashionable

Last but not least, the confidence of nurses, doctors, and beauticians will also increase when they wear scrub jackets with modern designs and fashionable colors. They no longer worry about becoming rigid and rustic, like when wearing traditional scrubs with simple white and blue colors.

Wholesalers You Should Know to Buy Excellent Scrubs Jackets!

Usually, when a group of colleagues wants to buy wholesale scrubs jackets together to save costs, or retailers want to buy wholesale scrubs jackets to distribute to individual customers, As individuals, they will look for wholesalers providing scrub jackets. Let's take a look at some of the famous wholesalers from whom you can buy wholesale scrubs jackets.

1. Online Wholesalers Provide Scrub Jackets All over The World

Buying online is such a popular trend that many retailers also want to buy wholesale scrubs jackets from online wholesalers providing scrubs jackets all over the world. Check out the following lists: scrubs, barcouniforms, and labwear.

2. Offline Wholesalers Supplying Scrub Jackets in Australia

Besides retailers who like to buy scrubs jackets online, there are many retailers who want to buy wholesale scrubs jackets from offline wholesalers supplying scrubs jackets in Australia. If you are one of those retailers, check out the following scrubs shops: Infectious Clothing Company, Uniform Wholesalers, and Cherokee Uniforms Australia.

Airmed's Scrub Jackets - The Best Fit for You!

Comfortable All-day

Retailers: When buying wholesale scrubs jackets you will often have a lot of requirements for materials, colors, designs, and support services. All of those requirements will be met when you purchase Airmed's scrub jackets.

High-quality fabrics

After wearing Airmed scrubs jackets, nurses and beauticians alike are amazed at Airmed's excellent fabric, as it has excellent 4-way stretch, provides a soft feel, absorbs sweat quickly, and is breathable. Besides, the fabric used to produce the wholesale scrubs jackets that Airmed uses is also very durable.

Full size for every people

Airmed offers wholesale scrubs jackets with a full range of scrub sizes from smallest to largest, including XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, and 4X-Large. Therefore, with just one purchase of wholesale scrubs jackets at Airmed, retailers can fully satisfy the needs of their customers.

Fashionable design of scrubs jackets

When you shop for wholesale scrubs jackets at Airmed, you have a wide selection of fashionable designs of scrubs jackets. If you like the modern and dynamic design, you can buy the Shield Scrub Jacket right away. Besides, there is also the Shield Knit Jacket with luxurious and unique designs.

Fashionable design of scrubs jackets

Along with that, each Airmed scrub jacket is also equipped with a total of 2 functional pockets, which is extremely convenient for nurses when working because they can put away the necessary items so they don't have to waste time looking for them.

Amazing embroidery and shipping service with Team Orders

When you buy wholesale scrubs jackets in a quantity of 15 products or more, you will enjoy many special offers and consulting services.

Pricing will change depending on volume:

  • 15-50 garments 15% off RRP
  • 51-120 garments 18% off RRP
  • 121+ garments 25% off RRP

Usually, Airmed has a very professional and easy-to-use inbound shipping service that makes sure retailers all over the world get their packages safely from door to door.

Team orders

You can also add some unique embroidered logos of your brand, clinic, hospital, or simply a name. We at Airmed Scrubs also design a lot of incredible embroidery logos for you to choose from. This will help you to be highlighted by other units. We offer discounted embroidery and logo for 20+ items to be embroidered.

Please quickly visit Airmed's website to see more information and detailed pictures of the products, as well as read many useful articles on topics related to wholesale scrubs jackets, wholesale scrubs, and tips for retailers when buying scrubs in bulk.


We hope this article has helped our medical professionals in anyway.

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