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Winter scrubs for nurses: How to keep yourself warm?

Winter scrubs for nurses

For nurses and doctors, health is extremely important because only when they are healthy can they protect the community's health. Therefore, keeping warm when going to work in the winter is very necessary and receives the attention of many medical staff.

The article will reveal to you many tips on how to stay warm in winter for medical staff while working and great places to buy winter scrubs for nurses with high quality but save a lot of money. . Scroll down and discover immediately useful information for both nurses and retailers looking to buy winter scrubs in bulk.

How to wear scrubs in winter?

If, throughout the year, regardless of season, you only wear the same scrubs, here are great suggestions for you to both stay warm in winter and look more fashionable and confident with your workwear.

1. Underscrubs

One of the ways to stay warm is to wear layers. Therefore, the first suggestion for you to create winter scrubs for nurses is that medical staff should wear underscrubs inside the scrub tops.

Nurses, doctors, and beauticians can all wear underscrubs in the same color or mix two colors according to their preference to get a winter scrub that suits you best.


2. Jacket

One of the very useful items that you can wear with winter body scrubs are scrubs jackets. If you already have jackets to keep warm in the winter, you can completely wear them over winter scrubs for nurses to keep your body warm.

However, you should buy scrubs jackets because this type of jacket will have good elasticity and fit the body of nurses and doctors more than regular jackets. Thus, medical staff can easily work and feel more comfortable.


3. Socks

We can see that keeping warm in the winter is indispensable to keep the feet warm because this is where it is easy to lose heat and get cold. Therefore, nurses, doctors, and beauticians do not forget to wear socks to keep their feet warm, avoiding heat loss that affects health. In particular, you should pay attention to wearing high socks and appropriate thickness so as not to lose heat when working in the hospital.

4. Replace worn-out scrubs

In addition to wearing extra warm clothing in the winter, nurses, doctors, and beauticians should also check their winter scrubs for nurses to see if they're still quality enough to maintain warm for you in winter or not. If your scrubs are too old and worn out, quickly buy new scrubs to replace them.

What should you care about when buying winter scrubs for nurses?

Winter is considered the harshest season of the year because, at this time, our bodies are very susceptible to illness. Therefore, nurses who want to buy scrubs in bulk and retailers should consider the following issues when buying winter scrubs for nurses to get the best quality winter scrubs and to ensure the health of the nurses. and help them confidently go to work.

1. Quality of fabric

A winter scrub for nurses that are considered good quality must be made from high-quality fabrics. That fabric should be made from fibres such as spandex, polyester, and rayon because it will give winter scrubs good properties such as good stretch, wrinkle resistance, stretch resistance, and softness.

2. Style of scrubs

The style of scrubs is often overlooked, but this is one of the factors that many nurses care about. Therefore, when retailers buy winter scrubs in bulk, this issue should not be ignored. Winter scrubs should be designed in a modern and professional style to help nurses look beautiful and confident at work.

3. Smart design

Winter scrubs are not only uniforms for nurses to stand out and be recognizable but also need to bring a lot of support to nurses and doctors in their work, so they will often be specially designed. Special with multiple pockets on scrubs tops and scrubs pants. These bags will provide space for healthcare workers to carry essentials such as stethoscopes, work cards, gloves, masks, pens, notebooks, phones, and protein bars.

Smart Design

4. Durability

When thinking about constantly replacing scrubs in the winter, nurses, doctors, and beauticians are sure to find it very annoying. In order to avoid such an inconvenient situation, retailers and medical personnel who want to buy scrubs in bulk should choose scrubs that are durable, not easily damaged or worn.

Finding the most suitable scrubs for you at Airmed Scrubs

When it comes to Airmed, nurses and doctors will remember a scrubs company in Melbourne that specializes in providing a variety of scrubs with good quality, stylish design, versatile colours and sizes, dedicated support, and affordable prices. Let's find out what makes much medical staff love Airmed so much,

1. Comfortable

Just once wearing the scrubs of Airmed, you will feel the great comfort that high-quality fabrics bring. Moreover, although the scrubs fit the body, during the work, the nurses do not feel cramped or cramped because our scrubs have 4-way stretch and very good resistance to stretching.

2. Various sizes

We at Airmed always want to meet the needs of all nurses regardless of your physique, so we have a variety of sizes from XX-Small to 5X-Large. So you can absolutely choose the winter scrubs tops and scrubs pants that fit you best and give you a more professional look.

3. Unique colours

One of the things that make Airmed stand out is the unique colours created by our professional design team. The colours are not only beautiful but also very diverse and constantly updated so that nurses can freely choose according to their preferences. Some of the new and much-loved Airmed colours include Warm Sand, Pastel Lilac, and Fern Green.

Unique Colours

4. Worldwide shipping

With the desire to be able to provide good quality scrubs to all healthcare workers around the world so that they have the best working conditions, Airmed also offers a Worldwide shipping service. With Airmed's cheap and secure shipping service, retailers anywhere in the world can shop at Airmed and have it delivered to their homes without much effort in shipping.

5. Saving with Team Order's benefits

Nurses looking to buy winter scrubs for nurses in bulk or retailers should definitely not miss our Team Order's benefits. Specific pricing will change depending on volume:

  • 15-50 garments 15% off RRP
  • 51-120 garments 18% off RRP
  • 121+ garments 25% off RRP

You should choose good quality winter nursing scrubs according to the following ideas in the article and creatively combine according to your preferences with scrubs jackets, underscrubs to get the most beautiful and warm winter scrubs for nurses.

Retailers who want to see more pictures and detailed descriptions of Airmed products should visit now.

In addition, we will regularly update many articles on our blog, please read to know more useful information about scrubs.

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