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Nurse Vest - An excellent alternative for your scrubs sets.


Workwear in the medical and healthcare field usually needs extra enhancement of protection and function to help the wearer feel comfortable and perform better. Nothing is more ideal than a high-quality nurse vest to complete your scrubs set.

A scrubs vest is essential to your work clothes choice with many advantages. If you want to learn about this excellent option of scrubs, we have a lot of interesting and useful information for you!

Why should you wear a scrubs vest as scrubs outerwear?

1. Protecting nurses and doctors

Nurses and doctors work in an environment full of bacteria and pathogens. Furthermore, when performing health care services, they are frequently exposed to dirty solutions and toxic chemicals. Therefore, an extra layer of clothes will be a great solution to prevent the risk of diseases caused by bacteria in contact with the skin.

Protecting nurses and doctors


Moreover, the nurse vest helps to improve the protection of medical staff when limiting the exposure of the upper body part while working. Scrubs vest helps reduce hazardous situations for nurses and doctors, such as burns or injuries in contaminated and risky work environments.

It also plays an important role in keeping warm and maintaining a reasonable body temperature for doctors and nurses working in extreme weather and temperatures.

2. A creative change for scrubs set

A scrubs vest can be the perfect highlight of your scrubs uniform. Without any extra weight, your outfit can give a fresher and more stylish look with just a little extra colour and design.

Nurse scrubs allow you to mix and match and create your own signature to your boring uniform scrubs. This helps doctors and nurses look better and gives them more confidence when communicating with patients and colleagues.

3. Helping nurses to be more comfortable

If you work in hospitals and clinics, you must often encounter situations in which clothes are easily soiled. Wearing this vest makes it easier for nurses and doctors to change their clothes and treat stains more easily than if the scrub tops are dirty. So you won't need to worry about maintaining a professional look and can always count on your scrubs vest.

Besides, the nurse vest is light and warm so that the wearer feels warmer and more comfortable without hindering movement. The multi-pocket design makes your scrubs uniform become even more functional and enhances your work efficiency.

Getting the best scrubs vests at Airmed Scrubs

1. How excellent are the scrubs vests of Airmed?


Airmed understands that your workwear must help you enhance your quality of work. Therefore, Airmed nurse vest has a smart design and 8 pockets in total layout. For larger items, it's convenient to carry inside scrubs vest's two deep horizontal drop pockets and two hand pockets with zips.

Not stopping there, there is a chest pocket with a pen pocket added that shows how thoughtfully we are to the daily work of medical staff. While at work, you can keep your personal jewellery, phone, keys, wallet, and other important belongings with you with two security pockets inside of the jacket.



Airmed nurse vest has a trendy design that keeps your wardrobe up to date with significant and unique colours. You can easily add a touch of brightness to your workwear with colours like pink, green, and lilac. Or you can also have a more professional outfit with a scrubs vest in black, grey, and navy. Feel free to mix and match to perfect your scrubs set with a wide selection of nurse vest designs at Airmed.

Besides, you can add your own stamp and unleash your creativity with an embroidery logo added to your own nurse vest. This helps you stand out even more and express your own personality on a scrubs vest.

Well-fitting and comfortable

Airmed offers nurse vests from size XX-Small to 5X-Large. So nurses and doctors will always find scrubs vests that perfectly fit their bodies. Especially in winter, nurses will always be comfortable and warm when kept warm with a nurse vest.

Well-fitting and comfortable

Airmed uses high-quality fleece - 100% polyester to keep you soft on the skin and warm. A full-length zipper design and upright collar with back neck ribbing protect you from the cold while still feeling comfortable and stylish.

2. What more benefit that you take when buying scrubs vests at Airmed

When purchasing scrub vests from Airmed, nurses not only adore the high-quality, vibrantly coloured, and uniquely designed products, but they are also incredibly happy with the deals and the expert services we offer.

  • Diversified promotions: Airmed offers many beneficial promotions for its customers. When you visit our website, you will see offers such as 10% off your first order and many products at extremely low prices.
  • The more you buy, the cheaper it gets: The affordable rates Airmed offers to customers are now even cheaper as nurses, doctors, and beauticians buy scrubs tops, scrubs pants, scrubs vests, and scrubs jackets in bulk because we have a great discount policy as follows: 15-50 garments 15% off RRP, 51-120 garments 18% off RRP, and 121+ garments 25% off RRP.
  • Extremely fast and reputable shipping service: At Airmed, we have chosen an extremely reputable shipping company. Thanks to that, when customers order scrubs vests through our website, you just need to sit at home, and your goods will be delivered to your home, which is very convenient and saves time for medical staff.

Surely the above article has helped you get accurate information about scrubs vest. Shop now for yourself, your friends, and your medical colleagues with a high-quality scrubs vest at Airmed.

Immediately visit Airmed's website to see more quality products and read more articles with useful information regarding scrubs.

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