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5 Criteria of Perfect Maternity Jogger Scrubs

5 Criteria of Perfect Maternity Jogger Scrubs

Around the 12th week of pregnancy, normal pants will no longer fit you properly, and the elastic band or zipper will make your stomach feel uncomfortable. When you move or work, your shirt does not cover your big belly, making you feel shy.

You want a pair of pants with a belt around your belly to protect the baby in your belly. This is when you need to buy maternity clothes, especially maternity jogger scrubs. There are multiple options for scrubs Sydney stores offer, ranging from online to brick and mortar shops, for you to choose from. To be able to find awesome maternity jogger scrubs, please refer to the below criteria.

Materials with Multiple Functions

Multifunctioning material is one of the first things you should pay attention to when choosing to buy jogger maternity scrubs. It will be reflected in factors such as high-quality fabrics, sweat absorption, and flexibility.

Materials with Multiple Functions

1. High-Quality Fabrics

Maternity jogger scrubs are products for women, especially pregnant nurses, so they need to feel comfortable. Therefore, they should be manufactured from high-quality synthetic fabrics with the main ingredient being Polyester and some other ingredients such as Rayon, Spandex.

As a result, the maternity jogger scrubs have good durability with a firm texture and are not easily mushy and saggy after a period of use, like when sewn from cotton or chiffon fabrics. At the same time, maternity jogger scrubs also have the ability to be stretchy, anti-wrinkle, and super soft.

The Airmed Scrubs’ Essential Maternity Jogger Scrub Pants are one of the types of maternity jogger scrubs that have superior materials and are highly appreciated by many pregnant nurses and beauticians.

2. Good Sweat Absorption

Nurses or beauticians who are pregnant will sweat profusely throughout the day. High Progesterone levels, hormonal shifts, increased blood flow, and continual activity are all possible causes.


In order to avoid discomfort and skin conditions caused by sweat accumulation, pregnant women need to wear jogger maternity scrubs that have good sweat absorption, creating a sense of ventilation. As a result, they feel much cooler and more comfortable.

3. Flexibility

Doctors advise pregnant women to exercise frequently, such as by working in a suitable profession and exercising, but they will find it challenging as their bodies, particularly their abdomens, grow larger. That's why maternity scrubs joggers should be stretchy, as they will embrace and support pregnant women while they stand, sit, bend over, or stroll.

Various Sizes to Choose

Because no two people's bodies are precisely the same, each piece of clothing must come in a Variety of sizes for customers to pick from. Similarly, pregnant women have various body proportions, and their bodies, particularly their bellies, will alter as the pregnancy progresses.

When women can wear pregnancy jogger scrubs that fit their bodies, the voyage to follow the baby in the early days of growth will be much more enjoyable. Most pregnant women are concerned that their pants will be too tight or that the store will not carry their standard size clothing. However, fashion brands specializing in scrubs, such as Airmed Scrubs, sell maternity jogger scrubs in a variety of sizes, ranging from XX to 4X, allowing them to find the perfect fit.


Sleek Design

Baggy, less refined clothing is no longer associated with the terms "comfortable" and "airy." Pregnant ladies may now pick from a variety of attractive jogger maternity scrubs and intelligently designed scrub tops while shopping for pregnancy clothing.

Pregnant nurses may confidently wear maternity jogger scrubs or pants to work that fit their bodies and embrace their tummies tenderly. They are comfy and protected, even if they must move frequently. Furthermore, maternity scrubs and joggers should come in a range of colors so that moms can pick their favorite pants.

Maternity Jogger Scrubs

Airmed Scrubs found that pregnant nurses and beauticians love pants like maternity jogger scrubs, royal blue and black jogger scrubs with maternity because they can simply match them with their scrub top.

 Useful Pockets

Pregnant ladies should commence shopping for maternity apparel just before entering the second trimester. Nurses and beauticians, in particular, require comfortable attire. Apart from the aforementioned aspects, you should also seek pregnant jogging scrubs with a useful-designed style.

Walking too much when pregnant may make nurses exhausted and overheated, so they need pants with lots of pockets to store essentials. For example, the Essential Maternity Jogger Scrub Pants by Airmed Scrubs are a great product that meets this requirement when they are equipped with a total of 5 functional pockets, including deep hip pockets, two back pockets, and a zipper cargo pocket.

With these pants, pregnant nurses can attach pens, medical examination tools, and personal belongings. Thus, they do not need to waste time commuting and searching for these items, which can save time for rest.


Equipped With SIL-FIBRE™ Antimicrobial Technology

SIL-FIBRE™ antimicrobial technology is one of the features that a maternity jogger scrub should have. This method lowers odors while also inhibiting the growth of germs and other microbes that may harm fabrics.

When wearing pants equipped with this technology, female nurses will not have to worry about bacteria in the environment that will harm their health and damage their clothes.

The above are the criteria to help you find the best maternity jogger scrubs for nurses and beauticians that are expecting or pregnant. Besides, maternity jogger pants, we also provide high-quality Maternity Scrub Top  you should shop for maternity jogger pants from reputable companies like Airmed Scrubs to have great maternity pants.


We hope this article has helped our medical professionals in anyway.

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