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Where to Buy Scrubs in Sydney?

Where to Buy Scrubs in Sydney?

Each shift feels like an eternity, emergencies and stressful situations are normal occurrences, and patients can be difficult to deal with sometimes. Those are what working in a hospital entails.

In this particular type of working environment, medical scrub is a required element. It helps keep cross-contamination to the minimum. Supposedly, it should be comfortable, while remaining stylish and affordable, for whoever wears it for 8–12 hours straight!

But where to buy scrubs in Sydney could be a tough question.

As consumers’ needs are getting harder and harder to meet, the medical scrub market has been growing to keep up with them. They want their scrubs to be cost-effective, fashionable while still maintaining professionalism.

If you are struggling to find the perfect place to buy scrubs in Sydney, keep reading to find more helpful information! 

Where to Buy The Best and Most Affordable Scrubs in Sydney?

There are multiple options for scrubs Sydney stores offer, ranging from online to brick and mortar shops, for you to choose from.

Airmed Scrubs

With everything considered, we think you might want to check out our business.


Airmed is a direct-to-customer scrub shop in Australia. We strive to design scrubs that not only function well in comfort, durability, and mobility but also boost confidence with a dazzling yet professional design, all at a reasonable price.

Here's what sets us apart from other alternatives:

1. Technical Specifications

Our scrubs are manufactured with SIL-FIBRE™️ antimicrobial technology which provides odor reduction for a comfortable long shift.

Technical Specifications

Additionally, it reduces bacteria growth and other microorganisms that can potentially damage the fabric.

2. Essential/Shield Fabric

Airmed scrub is a 4-way stretch, making it comfortable for excessive movements. It is also wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking, giving you a fresh look even in your 12th hour of work. Not to mention its heavenly-soft feeling on your skin!

3. Style

Professional but also doesn’t scream "hospital clothes" is the look we aim for. Neutral yet gorgeous color palettes like midnight navy, Andrey teal, mauve wood,... and sporty elastic waists with drawstrings combined create quite a twist on your usual workspace.


4. Embroidery

We offer customized logo embroidery for group and bulk orders as a way to personally connect with our customers and directly empower them to perform their best.


5. Some other characteristics include:

  • A healthy flow of stock in all sizes
  • Satisfying comfort quality and well-fitting
  • Functional/Utility with handy large pockets
  • Affordable price
  • Various segments (women, pregnant women, men)
  • Stylish accessories

Other scrubs shops in Sydney

Reputable medical shops such as Med Shop Australia or eNurse provide you with not only scrubs and uniform items, but also equipment like safety glasses, stethoscopes, utility scissors,...

Their Sydney scrubs vary in design and price range, so you are likely to find a suitable uniform there. While doing so, you can make some equipment purchases as well. It is rather a convenient choice.

On the other hand, specialized shops with a focus on workwear and medical scrubs in Sydney may present you with a wider collection of colors, patterns, textures, and additional items, namely socks or hats.

Some of the names you may find familiar are:

  • Mediscrubs
  • Hunter Scrubs
  • Healthcare Uniforms Australia
  • SmileWear

Common Problems With Medical Scrubs in Sydney

A survey of over 1100 nurses in New South Wales in 2007 discovered several common problems in the state's standard uniform contract, ranging from very low-quality clothes to delivery times of up to 18 months after orders were placed.

According to the study, 49% of respondents believed the uniforms were uncomfortable, 59% thought they impeded movement, and 67% thought they were not very stylish.

From the results, we can derive some important factors in choosing where to buy Scrubs in Sydney, which will be elaborated below.

1. Comfort & Functionality

With a harsh work regime requiring quick movements, mobility should be the first priority.

You would want to look for hospital scrubs Sydney that fit your body measurements while stretching just enough to move comfortably in them. The fabric should be airy, soft, and not cause allergic reactions. Scrub tops Sydney with pockets are advisable as well.

2. Design

You have to settle on a design that is both appropriate for the workspace and capable of becoming casual wear among dozens of colors and models, while still adhering to your hospital’s dress code. Colors can be chosen based on your preference or on their meaning.

Patterned hats and scrub pants Sydney are a funky pick. However, they might not appear as professional as the colored ones.

3. Price

If your hospital requires regular scrub replacement, a cheaper price range would be a good idea. But, highly contaminated environments can decrease your scrub’s lifespan, so your job position is another factor influencing how much you should pay.

Nevertheless, it is never a bad idea to invest in quality scrubs. A standard scrub can last for 2-3 years, which will save you some pennies in the long run.


Choosing where to buy scrubs in Sydney can be an overwhelming process with too many things to balance out, but being able to work comfortably and confidently is undeniably worth the trouble.

We also have multiple options for scrubs Perth StoresMelbourne Stores, Newcastle Stores; Brisbane Stores; Cairns Stores offer, ranging from online to brick and mortar shops, for you to choose from.

Visit our website to see more scrubs designs with many colors for you to preview and choose from.

Or if you want to know more information about scrubs, like how to look great, professional in scrubs, please check out our other articles.

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