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Best Places To Buy Nursing Scrubs In Gold Coast!

Best Places To Buy Nursing Scrubs In Gold Coast!

Looking for a place to buy nursing scrubs in the Gold Coast might be overwhelming because there are numerous options stretching from local retail stores to online shops these days. If you are a nurse or beautician finding suitable clothes to wear in the workplace, you don’t have to struggle. We have a list of outstanding medical scrubs in the Gold Coast ready for you!

Let’s clear up a couple of popular questions and check them out now!

Can Nurses Wear Any Color Scrubs?

Can Nurses Wear Any Color Scrubs?

Colors of scrubs usually depend on the facility's rules. Although some facilities have scrubs dress codes applied to either all staff members or vary according to departments, there are some facilities that allow nurses to wear scrubs the way they want to. Therefore, it is best to ask your employer about the clothes that are allowed at your workplace.

What Does Your Scrubs' Color Say?

Scrub colors have amazing power on patients’ perception towards a facility or staff members’ personality. For example, green and blue scrubs are the most popular scrub colors because they create an impression of trust and help patients feel relaxed, whereas yellow scrubs are associated with a friendly uplifting vibe that evokes happy, warm feelings in patients.

What Does Your Scrubs' Color Say?

White used to be the favorite color of scrubs showing cleanliness and purity, but it has become less preferred nowadays because getting stains on white clothes in medical settings is unavoidable.

Besides, red is also not recommended since it reminds patients of blood, warnings and wrongdoings. Thus, burgundy or syrah red scrubs are the alternatives if you want a dressy yet professional look in the workplace.

Best Selling Nursing Scrubs in Gold Coast

1. Airmed Scrubs

Location: Melbourne, Australia - Online brand offers worldwide shipping.
Wearing scrubs, which fills us with confidence, gives us the feeling of confidence through self-expression and comfortability, is an extraordinary experience that can make you happier at work.

AirMed Scrubs

Airmed is a young brand that crushes the medical scrub industry with modern, innovative, yet affordable products that bring confidence in both work and daily life. Founded by Debbie, a cancer nurse who has 8+ years of experience in the medical setting to deeply understand the needs for comfort and sense of style among nurses and beauticians.

With the brand’s dedication to medical apparel for the liberation of self-expression at work, you cannot stop being astonished when looking at the nursing scrubs on Airmed website since they offer products that are combinations of professionalism and casual wear that you can be proud to dress in at work but not bear much resemblence of "hospital clothes" when you head outside of your workplace. 

Can nurses wear any color scrubs?



2. Mediscrubs

Location: 12/8 Centre View Drive, Biggera Waters, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia (4216).
Mediscrubs is a familiar destination for buying nursing scrubs in Gold Coast as the brand has been in the industry for 10 years. They offer scrub tops, scrub pants, lab coats for men, women and maternity in various sizes and classic designs that give you a professional look. You can choose to come by their store to look at and feel the products or use the online order service on their website. Since the brand provides a "buy now, pay later" service with Afterpay, you don’t have to worry about unwanted quality or products when buying online.

3. Cherokee Uniforms

Retailer: Medeleq

Location: 23/9-15 Sinclair Street, Arundel, QLD, Australia (4214)
For those who have more freedom in wearing nursing scrubs and need something new to stir up the work day, Cherokee Uniform can be a right choice for you since they provide fresh designs ranging from affordable to premium medical apparels such as polo shirts, morden-cut tops and colorful print shirts. Although they have not opened official stores in Australia at the moment, you can find and buy their products at Medeleq. Their local retailer in the Gold Coast area.

4. Absolute Apparel

Location: 39/38 Kendor street, Arundel QLD, Australia (4214)
Absolute Apparel is a distributor specialising in uniforms and workwear with 40+ brands. They offer returns for products having manufacturing faults, personalized service for your team and sample ordering for quality check. Disadvantages from the brand are the number of medical scrub products is still limited and there is less flexibility in color offering, but the Absolute Apparel can satisfy your needs for traditional and formal nursing scrub designs.

5. Gold Coast Uniforms

Location: 55 Nerang Street, Southport, QLD, Australia (4215).
Another local retailer for nurses who embrace traditional looks yet are comfortable in the workplace. Gold Coast Uniforms provides uniforms for a wide range of industries in Australia, including medical scrubs. Although there is not much design to choose from, the brand has popular color options for the healthcare industry, which are blue, green, teal and black. It is a perfect place for personalized uniforms that can help promote your brand.


Airmed - The True MVP in Nursing Scrubs around Gold Coast

1. Premium Product Features at Affordable Price

Airmed offers apparel made from SIL-FIBRE antimicrobial technology which reduces odor, limit harmful bacteria and microorganisms that cause fabric damage. Therefore, their products are highly guaranteed for durability and are ideal choices for workers in the medical field. Also, since the fabric is four-way stretch, anti-wrinkle, moisture wicking and soft as snow, you don’t have to feel uneasy about the clothes while working, thus can focus more on your patients. Less worry, more energy.

Premium Product Features at Affordable Price

Four-way stretch, anti-wrinkle, bacteria reducing fabricShop now at Airmed

2. Color Variation

Whether you are looking for medical scrubs in Gold Coast that are appropriate for workplace regulation or true to your personality, Airmed has all you need. You can choose from formal colors such as blue, green, black, asphalt, purple or light, or light colors such as mauvewood, teal, syrah red.

Color Variation

Colors to shop at Airmed. Pick your favorite right away!

3. Flexible Sizing

No need to stress out because you can not find the scrubs that fit you well because Airmed gets all the sizes from XX-Small to 5X-Large. Check out the sizing guide now and pick your best scrub.

Flexible Sizing


Flexible in nursing scrubs at Airmed. See more here

4. Wear in Style

All the items at Airmed are essential and comfortable for your everyday activities with fashionable and stylish designs. If you want a flattering look, go for a V-neck Scrub Top. Otherwise, get a Crewneck Scrub Top for a professional yet casual image.

Multi-Pocket Scrub Pant is what you need in case you have to carry lots of equipment around and are too busy to move back and forth to get them. Tired of traditional style and want something more modern? There is Jogger Scrub Pants you can wear in your comfort for moving while keeping your youthful style at the workplace.

Style up your working outfit with AirMed

Style up your working outfit with Airmed 

More confidence, less stress in the scrubs that allow you to express your personality

More confidence, less stress in the scrubs that allow you to express your personality

Shop for the most comfortable nursing scrubs in Gold Coast

Shop for the most comfortable nursing scrubs in Gold Coast

AirMed also offers Scrubs for Maternity. Shop it here

Airmed also offers Scrubs for Maternity. Shop it here


We hope this article has helped our medical professionals in anyway.

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