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Things to Consider before Buying Scrubs in Newcastle, NSW

Things to Consider before Buying Scrubs in Newcastle, NSW

We understand that a medical professionals’ time is devoted to saving lifes and giving genuine care to people once they step into the workplace. However, to treat patients with your best, it is important to practice self-care, be well-prepared mentally and physically before the beginning of each working shift: eat well, have enough sleep, wear clean and comfortable clothes.

Talking about clothes in medical settings, scrubs used to be usually worn by nurses, but nowadays most staff are required to wear scrubs even though they are not nurses because of its comfort and mobility.

If you are a medical professional looking for a starting guide to buy nursing scrubs in Newcastle, NSW, let us make it easier for you!

Tips to Buy Nursing Scrubs in Newcastle!

1. Quality First

Durability and comfort are critical when purchasing a nursing scrub. Because buying cheap scrubs can cause you discomfort, frustration as well as cost you more time and budget in searching and buying new scrubs to replace them. Therefore, it is worthwhile to spend some time seeking quality, branded brands with transparent product material information including type of fabrics, technology used and check out their return policies to lessen the risks of receiving unwanted items.

Quality first

Extend your search to brands with delivering service to Newcastle and you might find scrubs that are aligned with your needs and style. Thrift stores, garage sales are also good options to get high-quality scrubs for sale in Newcastle, NSW when you are on a tight budget. Working is not easy, don’t let bad clothes stress you out!

2. Buy Enough

Plan ahead on how many pairs of scrubs based on the numbers of shifts you took during a week so that laundry can be delayed until your day off or free time, thus giving you more space to relax after a long working day. Besides, as medical workplaces put a high priority on the cleanliness of scrubs, it is better to have a spare one in your locker. Thus, if you work 5 shifts a week, you should have at least 5 pairs of scrubs plus 1 or 2 more for emergency use.

3. Style Matters

If your workplace allows employees to wear any scrubs they want in terms of colors and styles, why not take advantage of it and uplift your workday with medical scrubs that are full of self-expression? Having the freedom to wear the style we want can positively improve your mood so that you have more confidence, energy during work shifts. Try a personalized scrub, fashionable v-neck scrub top or lively pink jogger scrub pant to freshen up your day!

Pink Jogger Scrub Pant at AirMed

Pink Jogger Scrub Pant at Airmed

Pink Jogger Scrub Pant at AirMed

Pink Jogger Scrub Pant at Airmed

How to Choose The Right Medical Scrubs in Newcastle?

1. Color

Regulation on scrub colors varies across facilities. You should ask your employers whether they allow staff to wear any scrub colors they want or require you to follow a dress code. The most popular colors of scrubs in medical workplaces are blue and green as it enhances relaxed and calm feelings in patients. If there is no dress code demanded, you have all the freedom to wear the colors that make you feel good and true to yourself. Yet, be careful about wearing white scrubs because it can easily get stained and require regular replacement. Also, use a color-safe stain remover before washing to keep your favorite scrubs in vibrant colors and clean from germs. Learn more about tips on choosing scrub colors here.


2. Comfort & Fit

Choosing comfortable scrubs reduces your worry about clothes while working, so you can focus and give better care for patients. Our advice is to go for moisture wicking, anti-wrinkle, soft fabrics such as 100% cotton or polyester mix. If you are usually in contact with body fluid and germs, aim for antimicrobial scrubs.

Don’t pick up loose pairs of scrubs. Since you have to move around a lot, wearing non-fitting scrubs and constantly fixing your clothes is troublesome for your professionalism. So, select scrub sizes and forms that fill you with comfort and convenience.

3. Pockets

It would be tiring to move back and forth to get your stuff. Why not get a scrub top, bottom or jacket with multiple pockets to store alcohol pads, scissors, pens, etc…? Such scrubs with functional pockets not only give you a modern look but also easy and fast access to your belongings. Thus, decide how many pockets you will need before buying scrubs.

Essential multi-pocket scrub pant with 8 functional pockets and V-neck scrub top at AirMed

Essential multi-pocket scrub pant with 8 functional pockets and V-neck scrub top at Airmed

Airmed Scrubs - The Scrub Innovation

Airmed is an affordable medical apparel brand that meets all your needs for comfortability, duration and functionality. Our products are designed to help you feel proud anywhere and provide enjoyment in both the workplace and daily wear.

1. Quality Scrubs Delivering to Newcastle

Medical scrubs at Airmed are wrinkle free with soft and moisture wicking fabrics, giving you the most freedom and flexibility at work while not making you look like you are wearing "medical clothes" when heading out of facilities. We take a further step into scrub innovation with SIL-FIBRE™ antimicrobial technology to reduce the unavoidable germs when working in medical settings and give you the most high-quality products at affordable prices. You can order Airmed scrubs online from Newcastle, we offer delivery service within Australia and worldwide with a 14-day return for a full refund. Check out our products here!

Choose quality scrubs for your comfort and style

Choose quality scrubs for your comfort and style

Choose quality scrubs for your comfort and style

Working is important, but don’t force yourself into distressing scrubs

2. Sizing for All

Clothing fitting will no longer be your worry since you can shop for all sizes from XXS(4) to 5XL(22) for every product. Prefer to our sizing guide before purchasing to find the scrubs that fit you perfectly. If you are not sure about what scrub size would suit you well, contact us at for consultation and gather your favorite scrubs now!

3. Mix and Match with Various Colors

Airmed products are up-to-date with the most brilliant and unique colors. Apart from common colors like blue and green, we broaden your choices with contemporary colors such as mauvewood, syrah red, clay audrey teal, etc. You can show your creativity by mixing and matching them, then come to work with a stunning look!

Current available scrub colors at AirMed

Current available scrub colors at Airmed

As busy as a caregiver, choosing the right scrubs is important since it helps you feel good and comfortable in your own clothes to deliver the best treatment to patients. Thus, we hope our article is helpful for you to determine which scrub to buy in Newcastle, NSW.

Since our brand was founded by Debbie, a nurse who deeply understands the needs for comfortability and outfit concerns in medical settings, we are proud to provide you with products that you can rely on and medical scrubs that "know" how to fit you well, help you feel comfortable, reduce tiredness and stress during long working shifts. 


We also have multiple options for scrubs Sydney Stores; Perth StoresMelbourne Stores, Brisbane Stores; Cairns Stores offer, ranging from online to brick and mortar shops, for you to choose from.

Visit our website to see more scrubs designs with many colors for you to preview and choose from.

Or if you want to know more information about scrubs, like how to look great, professional in scrubs, please check out our other articles.

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