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How To Use A Size Chart for Scrubs & Fit Guide?

How To Use A Size Chart for Scrubs

You may not know that each person is born with not only a different face but also a different body shape, even twins. The main difference is the gift that God has given to each of us because of the outstanding physical features that make us stand out among billions of people around the world.

Not only do you love your unique features, but Airmed Scrubs also very much appreciates those unique beauties. Therefore, we will share with you who are looking for scrubs, useful tips to choose the best size scrubs and the best scrub shop in the following article.

How to Choose the Best Size Scrubs?

How to Choose the Best Size Scrubs

Most nurses and beauticians must have run into at least one of the following tough problems when looking for and buying scrubs:

  • A limitation on the various sizes of scrubs:
  • Old and unattractive colors
  • Poor quality of fabric
  • Poor elasticity, tight fit, uncomfortable
  • Design is not varied and out of fashion
  • Scrubs store is too far from your home
  • The scrubs shop's shipping service is slow and the shipping fee is high
  • Limit online payment methods

For some of the above reasons, you may not be able to find scrubs that fit, look good, and make you feel confident when wearing them. What you need is a guide to choose and own the right scrubs quickly and effectively:

1. Determine Your Measurements & Choose The Right Size of Scrubs

Measurement differences do not just happen between two different people but also between us in the present and in the past because our bodies change after a period of time. Therefore, you should measure your exact body measurements before buying scrubs.

These measurements will help you a lot when buying scrubs. You can give your measurements to the shop owner and ask them to find the scrub that fits you best. However, when you shop online, you need to determine the exact size of your scrubs by comparing them with the size chart for scrubs provided by the shop.

2. Choose Scrubs with Good Fabric

Good fabric is a very important factor in determining the comfort of a scrub set. The fabric used to sew scrubs should be synthesized from many fibers to possess the comprehensive features of a great scrub such as good softness, outstanding stretchability, and effective sweat absorption.

3. Do Not Ignore The Color & Design Factors

Many people think of scrubs as a type of work uniform, so they only care about the material and choose to ignore the color and design factor. However, you should not underestimate the design and color of the scrubs because the style will affect your confidence when wearing this outfit to work. Meanwhile, color has a lot of psychological effects on both patients and nurses as well as doctors.

Airmed Scrubs - Meet All Your Requirements for The Best Scrubs!

Considering the remarkable things like material, color, style, and size are really all it takes to do, and that is to find a store that sells great scrubs. Airmed is one of the scrubs shops you should not miss because you can meet all your requirements for the best scrubs here.

Airmed Scrubs - Meet All Your Requirements for The Best Scrubs

1. Special Synthetic Fabric

One of the factors that make Airmed's products unique is the well-researched synthetic fabric. Our scrubs have more than 70% polyester, spandex, and Rayon fibers have brought 4-way stretch properties, smoothness to the fabric surface, and beautiful durability after many washes.

2. Colorful Collection

When you explore Airmed's website, you are sure to be impressed with our unique color collection. Our design team created an exclusive color palette so you can find colors that are fresh and engaging instead of just circling your day to work around the traditional blues and whites. You can choose from various colors such as True Navy, Black, Asphalt, Evergreen, Gibraltar Blue, Mauve wood, Midnight Navy, Syrah Red, Audrey Teal, Purple, and Royal Blue.

Colorful Collection

 3. Always Stand Out with Diverse Design Styles

We at Airmed Scrubs understand the need for modern and professional workwear for beauticians, nurses, and doctors, so we have produced a wide range of scrub pants and scrubs tops for you to choose from.

Always stand out with diverse design styles

We want you to feel confident and happy with your look every time you wear Airmed Scrubs. In addition, we also want you to no longer view our scrubs as a kind of rigid uniform that can be worn as usual to always feel cool and comfortable.

4. There is No Size Restriction

We always aims to bring our good quality products to as many people as possible, so we have produced our scrubs in various sizes such as XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large, 5X-Large. For us, there's no size limit that can stop you from getting our amazing scrubs.

There is no size restriction

In particular, to help you choose the best scrubs for your body shape, we also have a detailed size chart for  Scrubs; women Crewneck; men crewneck; joggers; Multi-Pocket Scrub Pants MenShield Knit Jacket; Shield scrub JacketV Neck Scrub Top menMulti-pocket ; V-Neck. To find out the perfect size, you can follow these steps:

  • Use a tape measure or measuring device to measure bust, waist, hips, and length (waist to ankle length) and note it down when buying scrubs tops and scrub pants.
  • Compare the measurements with the corresponding measurements in the size chart for scrubs to find the perfect scrub size.
  • Note, if your body measurements do not match the fixed size standard, but are in between two sizes, please choose according to your wishes: choose a larger size to wear a little wider and choose a smaller size to hug fit your body.

If you already understand how to choose good quality scrubs and how to read the size chart for scrubs, then find the right size for yourself and sew the scrubs at Airmed right away.


Hundreds of useful information about scrubs are being regularly posted by Airmed on the blog, so please discover it now so as not to miss interesting things.

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